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    December 7, 2017 at 5:36 PM #8492

    Hi. I have requested a refund for this theme but it was a mistake. I changed my mind and decided to keep it – mainly because I was comparing its features to the ones of a theme based on Magento, which doesn’t apply to my needs at all. I’m really sorry about that. I appreciate your theme, but I was under the impression that the things I need help with would take a long time to fix (if ever). I already posted a comment about it on the actual refund request and wrote a message to Envato informing them of my mistake, but I do not have the option to cancel the refund request myself. So I would appreciate if you could do that for me.

    That being said, I need help with a few things:

    1) is it possible to have a color swatch presented on the shop page, under each product? I’m trying to set up a t-shirt e-commerce, and for each product, I will have 5 different t-shirt colors variations. I would like the client to have a preview of those colors by clicking on them, inside the shop page. Like in here:
    2) is it possible to have the sizes variations (S, M , L, XL and so on) displayed as open options ( instead of in a dropdown menu?
    3) once I set up an image/thumbnail for a specific variation, like you did for the patterns in this product (, is it possible to load a set of images specific to that variation instead of having the whole gallery all the time?
    4) if I have two variations (t-shirt print and size), the image related to that print won’t show when I click on it in the gallery, unless a size is selected. Is there any way to fix that so that the image will show no matter what variations are selected?
    5) can I have the image gallery still (and click on the image that I would like to see) instead of having them in a slide loop?

    Thank you, and I’m sorry again for the trouble.

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